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Terry Slingsby, principal of Seamless Show Productions, started in the Event Marketing industry in 1992 working as a technical producer at Autodesk, the leading CAD software company in the world. After 10 years of event marketing, he transitioned into product marketing and was responsible for a $10 million budget marketing Autodesk’s Geospatial products in North America.

Having worked as an independent producer as well as internally at a leading high-tech software firm, Terry brings a complete perspective to event production. He has been on the client side of the table, effectively utilizing limited marketing funds. Terry understands how creativity in managing the production of an event is crucial to its overall success.

Seamless Show Productions has developed a team of professionals who deliver the highest-quality services to all aspects of an event. From staging to presentation development to video production, Seamless Show Productions provides our clients with the cost-effective, quality services they require to execute their events successfully.

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